Swimming Pool Services

Pool Remodeling

We can remodel your old pool and make it into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor getaway. Pool remodeling can be a big project and take time, depending on what type of work is done. A tile or pool finish can be completed in under a week while a full pool restoration can take a month or more. With over 30 years experience we can create your getaway to something you will love for years to come. Setup an appointment and we can give you an estimate of how much time your project wil take and how much it will cost.

Pool Remodeling

Pool Weekly Maintenance

Keep your pool water clean and enjoyable this summer by hiring a professional to service your swimming pool and spa on a regular schedule. We can provide on-site pool maintenance to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Pool maintenance

Our weekly pool maintenance includes:

  • Check chemical levels
  • Brush pool walls and bottom
  • Clean and backwash filter
  • Clean and vacuum pool
  • Check pool equipment to make sure they are running properly

Ask about our monthly pool maintenance rates.

"Swamp to Swim" Clean Ups

It doesn't take long for a chemically unbalanced pool to grow algae and get out of hand. We can turn your pool from an unhealthy green monster into a beautiful oasis. Let our experienced technicians turn your pool into the envy of the neighborhood.

Chemical Start Ups

We can get your pool water ready for the first time, after a pool drain and cleaning or a seasonal start up. Getting started with the right chemical balance can make for a season of minimal maintenance. Enjoy your pool, lets us get you started in the right direction.

Filter Cleans

Crystal clear pool water starts with your pool filter. A pool filter working optimally removes particles and contaminants. We can clean your pool filter and keep it running like new.

Equipment Repairs

From an inefficient pool pump to a malfunctioning heater, our experts can diagnose your problem and get your pool equipment functioning like new. Insuffient water circulation, stopped up pool cleaner, pump or filter leaks are just some of the issues we can repair.

Heater Diagnostics

Is your pool heater running efficiently? We can diagnose and repair any problems your pool heater may have. From a finicky pilot light to poor heater circulation we will get your heater back and running like new.

Leak Detections

Our technicians have the equipment and expertise to find pool leaks. We can find and repair leaks in your pool or spa. We can also pressure test the underground plumbing to your pool and find any leaks.

Pool School

Go back to school with Pool Blue Texas!

We tailor your swimming pool learning process to your specific pool and needs. From maintaining your pool filter to correct chemical balance we can get you ready for a summer of fun!

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